31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, all!  I didn't get any scrapping done last night 
because I made this little gnome instead:

He is for a pumpkin decorating contest at work.  

Crossing my fingers for a WIN!

30 October 2012

Scrappy Challenges

Bossy Scrapper has a challenge up that will end on *~... ALL HALLOWS EVE ...~*.  Too dramatic?  Ok.  The deadline for October's Bossy Scrapper will be Wednesday, which also happens to be Halloween!  Even though I feel like there is a ton to do around the house (even day-to-day upkeep kicks my @ss), I am going to try to get a layout done that is Halloween themed ...guess who my subject will be...

The required Bossy elements are:
3 washi
3 twine
3 patterned paper
3 cardstock
3 buttons
3 punches

I am most challenged by the use of the washi.  I don't have Halloween appropriate colors, so I will need to be inventive!
I am most inspired by the use of twine.  I am excited to use some of mine - I have some great colors - even gray ...soperfectfororangewithhalloween!... 

28 October 2012

Time has not stood still

Well, it has been 22 months quite a while since I updated my blog.  
WHAT?  Where does time go? 
I've scrapped many pages, made many tasty recipes, traveled and had a baby.  
...that must have been where the time went! 
Ms. Aurora was a sweet little surprise, and we anxiously awaited for her
June 16 26, 2011 arrival!     

As you can see, Aurora suffers from a lack of personality :D

I'm sure more and more pictures of her will be posted here, as she is our favorite subject.  In fact, both of our iPhones have crappy cameras [super scratched lens],
and we are now both spouting:
"gotta get the i5, our CAMERAS suck". 
Who would have thought that we would need want new phones for any other reason than
we can't use it as a ... well ... PHONE.

As a friend said last night "oh, first world problems".


One more photo for the road:

She hated the cake. The fig newton Loren gave her was WAY better.
On a totally different, and subject, please stop by to see the hilarious post by Aimee
* d i s c l a i m e r *

24 October 2012

Cleaning some cobwebs

It's been a while, no?
Stay tuned - more to follow!