05 April 2013

April Bossy Scrapper is LIVE

The April Bossy Scrapper is LIVE!  This month it is brought to us by the lovely Jamie Striplin.  She put together a great list; I am most looking forward to the stitching requirement, as Amy Tangerine has the cutest templates out with her "yes please" line!

The list:
1. Cluster of photos
2. Something with grid pattern
3. Stitching
4. Banner or flag
5. ink drops/Misting
6. Bling (brad, sequin, rhinestone, enamel dot, etc...)
7. Kraft element
8. Date stamp or calendar

Check out the take on the Bossy Scrapper Blog, or on the Facebook page! 

And here is my take on the list...I scrapped our trip to New York City last March for our 10th anniversary.  Keeping to tradition, I somehow only took about eight photos (eight more than on our honeymoon, tho!).  Loren and I spent a long weekend being tourists - taking the double decker bus, sitting in Times Square at 2am, and sitting front and center for the Broadway production of WICKED!

took the photo with my banged up phone - sorry for the crazy color.

03 April 2013

March in Review.

Happy April everyone!  I hope your Easter was filled with the blessings and hope of our risen Savior!!!  Our Easter was fantastic, with a great Church service, naps, and an Easter Egg hunt for Me Aurora.  I dyed eggs for the first time in two decades for the occasion and LOVED it.  There really should be another holiday that gets beautifully colored eggs!  I hid them where Aurora could easily spot and grab.  She got the concept pretty quick and before we knew it, eggs were flying in and OUT of that basket!  Most of the eggs were total casualties and didn't make it to leftovers, but that was okay.  The $3.99 and dying time was well worth the fun Aurora had.

March also had a new Bossy Scrapper!  Ms. Aimee Westcott (she needs a blog update. subtle hint.) came up with a fantastic list of items that were challenging, but super fun.  Here is my take:

And the winner was Peggy Benn Kushman.  Check out her great take on the Bossy by visiting the linked FB page

And now for a short journal of our amazing month!

Excuse me, I 'mustache' you a few questions. LOL.

Keeping our spirits up, even during a terrible loss to the Timbers.  Go Sounders!

the.most.amazing.cesars.ever. The Cliff House, Bellingham, WA

Happy Easter!

Loren and Aurora, enjoying a family day to celebrate 11 years!