30 December 2009

A day away and today

Yesterday my mom and I left early and headed up to Leavenworth for the day. This is a cute little mock Bavarian town that offers good brats, beer, shopping and cold weather (it was a brisk 17 degrees yesterday). We looked into most store, often laughing at the crazy amount of nick-nacks to be had. I found a tree skirt (luckily, because my tree was getting a little red-in-the-face), Christmas cards for next year (nope, not making them next year) and the cutest Krinkles ornament of a squirrel and an acorn. Oh, and Tim Tams! Interestingly enough, Leavenworth harbors an Australian goods store. I found it odd, but am not complaining. Eclipsing the good meals, shopping, snowflakes and twinkling lights was spotting this license plate on the way home. How freaking awesome is it that as a reward for living in THE COLDEST PLACE ON THE CONTINENT, they get polar bear shaped license plates? I read that motorcycles get little ones, dubbed "baby bears". Awwwwwww. All in all it was a fabulous day with the moms. TODAY was also excellent. Loren took me to Belt Sushi for Lunch!!!! I am in love with this place. First, the rolls and sushi are amazing. Factor in the continual display and motion of the delicious food in front of me, and I'm sold! I did use a bit too much wasabi, but nothing some TUMS couldn't fix. I am now trying to cook boeuf bourguignon. Hopefully it is not a fail. First issue was that I did not read the process before buying all the ingredients. Had I, I would have probably stepped away from this recipe. Any dish that estimates a 120 minute prep is not for me. Second, fail was the local grocery does not carry bacon rind. I never heard of it before this recipe, so I'm really not too upset. I subbed in some really thick bacon. Third, I am not a wine connoisseur, so had no idea what a 'young wine' should be. I selected a chianti (not pronounced phonetically, as I was corrected by the lady at the liquor store). Fourth, I don't have a casserole large enough for the oven, so it is now simmering on the stove. It smells good, so if nothing else, we'll have some good stew. I'm sure there will be a five and six as I complete the recipe. After I sign off it will be time to watch some Psych and flip through the new Scrapbook trends that arrived this past weekend.


  1. ha ha, your tree is red in the face. love your new blog, friend. happy new years!

  2. Wait until you guys see the new photos I took when we were at Belt Shushi last time :D. Of course, I wasn't in any of them;).