28 May 2010


Loren and I were chuckling over the GEEK HEIRARCHY at lunchtime yesterday.  We got quite a few chuckles out of it, as we are, or know, someone in a lot of the boxes.  And for the most part, it is true.  We question the position of LARPers, but that discussion is for another time.  What I want to educate you all on is FURRIES.  Now, according to geek heirarchy, furries are the lowest on the chart.  Until yesterday I'd never heard of furries.  According to Wikipedia, Furry fandom (also known as furrydom, fur fandom or furdom) refers to the fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.  Not so odd...and who am I to judge, as I have an affinity for elf culture (lol...get the reference?). However...some take it to the next level.  And I can't lie, I couldn't wait to google furries acting as Star Trek characters.  Yes, friends, it can be said that people dress up as an ocelot and pretend to be Captain Kirk.  I.am.not.making.this.up. Unfortunately, I had to cut my googling short, as most of it seemed to be tied to ... well ... more adult forms of role play.  An image from Wikipedia to close:

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  1. HAHAHAHA ... how CREEPY. Now hopefully I won't get fired since I did a google search for "furries" ... ew. :)