17 September 2010


I actually did scrap this past weekend!  I completed a layout for the EFFER DARES, and a Pencil Lines sketch.  However, we've had friends visiting from out of town, so I've not taken the time to photograph or post until now.  And even now I'm only prepared to post one layout! 

This was for the Effer Dare 168 to scrap a memory to music.  This is a lovely picture of my late friend Colleen when we were, oh, 16ish.  We were hanging out at Universal Studios, and I luckily caught her with her eyes open!  She was one of those people who always blinked JUST at the wrong time!  The lyrics are to Sarah Mclachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy".  We played her constantly, and we went to this concert at the local theater when Sarah Mclachlan was just starting her career - to top it off, our friend actually won the tickets off of the radio!  It was a fabulous time that can never be repeated and will be a memory I cherish forever.