01 November 2012


So, it is the day after Halloween.  I'm hearing stories of sugar crashes, headaches, nightmares and that is just the parents!  :D  We are terribly mean parents and only allowed Aurora to chew on a wrapper [true story].  She DID greatly enjoy greeting each Trick-or-Treater with a boisterous "HI!".  AND, she allowed me to put her little hat on her head, KEPT it on, and didn't rip it off the moment we went inside.  She kindly patted her head and said "Nah?Nah?Nah?"...Aurora speak for "please, momma, get this #$#BLEEP off me".  Here is our precious little girl in her Old Navy owl costume [fantastic bargain at $15, in my opinion]:
 Have you seen this video of Jimmy Kimmel last Halloween?  No joking, this is the BEST PRANK EVER on kids. So, Jimmy challenged his viewers to tell their children they ate all of the Halloween candy, and then post the video on youtube.  People; I didn't expect so much crying.  These children MELT DOWN [Save the last kids, who are awesome]I promise you will get a great laugh!

I finished the Bossy Scrapper for October!  Just under the deadline, but, I DID IT!  I had a 6" x 12" layout I did in March and wanted to complete a 12" x 12" for it's 'pair'.  It worked out well.  I initially wrote that I was most excited about the twine, but most challenged by washi, which was actually the exact opposite when it was time to complete.  Just shows how inspiration changes during the creative process!  I do realize I need more ribbon and washi.  How about this crazy cute collection at Baum-Kuchen?  Is masking tape washi????


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