21 January 2010

Another one bites the dust.

The last two weeks have been hectic at work. Today was a major milestone in the project I've been working on, so I actually got to leave work on time! YEA! And I don't have to work this weekend...DOUBLE yea! Speaking of the weekend, I am going to get some baker's twine....and by some, I mean A LOT. So much that I can't even fathom the true amount without seeing it. If I've understood correctly there will be 185 yards * 6. Loren asked if I was going to have to store it all in the garage. I laughed and said no, but I'm not really so sure...
We finally saw AVATAR this past weekend! I wouldn't give it any points for original story line, because it was predictable from the first meeting. However, graphically, or is it cinematically? it is unlike any other movie you can see. The 3-D wasn't that crappy Disney version, but crisp, clear and really....well, cool. We saw it at the Colossus in Langley, BC, and opted to see just the Digital version, not the IMAX version. I'm glad, as I think the IMAX may have made us motion sick. We went with my brother and SIL, and after had some delicious fondue.

Here is the latest layout I worked on from the Studio Calico kit. I used a couple photos from my day trip to Leavenworth with the moms. I had a lot of fun with this, and was super excited to use my new glitter mist. :D An independent evaluation by a Scrapbook Layout Specialist gave me an "8"...this is an improvement over the solid "7" I've received on the last 15 or so layouts. :D

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  1. cute layout lady....
    ready for some twine...
    bring it on!