14 January 2010


Towards the end of last week I was jumping out of the car as soon as I got home, racing to the front porch, in eager anticipation of receiving this: Well, I finally received my Studio Calico kit on Tuesday. Later than I'd hoped, but better late than never, right????? Oh, and I got the add on kit: So, after doing a couple of chores, I took the opportunity to make my very first SC layout! I LOVE the papers and the alphas so much! The October Afternoon alphas are my fave right now. I used some photos of my very first bear. My mom has a photo of me reading to him when I was about three...he was bigger than me! I kept him until this last move. When I pulled him out of storage he had a strange sticky texture, which I decided was his fibers breaking down. So, instead of stuffing him back into the box and forgetting about it, I brushed him up a little bit and photographed him. Ugh, the hard part was next, where I decided to throw him out. It felt like I was betraying him and even now I have a hard time admitting what I did. Poor Bear. I now have this layout to remind me of him (and my deed): Winner! Winner! :D I.cannot.believe.it.at.all. I won the Scrapjacked challenge based on Steph's layout! I never win. I once went to Sarah Mclachlan concert on a ticket that was won by a friend of mine off the radio (so cool) - that is the closest I've come to winning. OH! I thought I won a door prize a crop....but as the night wore on I realized the organizers were superstars and had door prizes for EVERYONE. I digress. ANYHOW, this win is awesome and I'm stoked! Thanks, ladies!!!! ;)


  1. this layout is freaking cute!
    great job... and congrats on winning!

  2. such a cute layout! congrats on your win!