11 January 2010

Weekend goodies

While I had a Saturday of scrapping to look forward to with my sis-in-law, Ami, Loren had a new TV to look forward to! We've been using a 23" TV, which you know, back in the day was not too shabby. However, in today's market, it just doesn't cut it. My dad visited and commented, "I've been sitting here for five minutes and I just noticed the TV!". So, this beauty arrive on Saturday: Loren got it all hooked up, surround sound and all, and let me tell you, Transformers looks MUCH better on 58". What wouldn't, really? We finally got to play some Wii Resort, where Loren kicked my butt in swordplay (I think he is a ninja, shhhhh), but I returned the favor in some wakeboarding. I then tried cycling on my own - which is harder than it looks. The disappointment was when we played Toy Story Mania. I was really looking forward to this game - arcade games AND 3-D glasses? Plus, we'd been on the actual ride in the recent past. Over rated. The controls are slow to respond, if they show up at all and the 3-D glasses are a JOKE. BoO! LUCKILY, Loren made a version of Pioneer Woman's delicious jalapeno thingies. I failed to take a photo of them cooked...maybe because we couldn't wait to eat them? Here is a photo of Pioneer Woman's final result - ours were quite similar. Mmmmmmm. I hope it was a great weekend for you all!


  1. Yummmm! Those look so good! Just fyi...grown up grilled cheese on my blog, super yum! Yay for new TV's!

  2. I was just cruising the scrapjacked site and I noticed you won the scrapjacked contest for December, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! WOOHOOO. I'm soo proud of you my love.