23 February 2010

Coffee. I.need.coffee.

I love coffee...especially the aroma. My love for it began in college when we'd spend hours on the top of Queen Anne, either at Starbucks, Tullys or Cafe Ladro. Okay, only Chai at Ladro, tho, because it was the BEST. Anyways, I digress. I guess years of the acidic beans has taken its toll on me, as now I can only have it in delicate amounts about once a week, else I pay for it. If ya know what I mean. So, I now contemplate my options as I sit here. I can (1) "just do it", to borrow a registered slogan (don't tell them I used it - I'm fighting the IRS for my money and I can't afford a lawsuit from Nike), (2) create a ghetto mocha with just a single pump of coffee (Hey, I'm at work. Our coffee comes out of a carafe and our 'mocha' in the form of Swiss Miss), (3) Have tea. boo. So now is the time I must decide...my indecision may just mean a lack of decision.
Tonight I'm making these tasty 'chops for dinner. The recipe link came from my friend Aimee, who says they are super delicious. We trust her. Wasabi and Panko Crusted Pork with Ginger Soy Sauce:

The next while is going to be busy for us with guests here for a couple of weeks, so we did a major Costco shopping. Ummm, One MEEEEELION dollars later they finally let us out with our trunk full of goodies. That place is deadly on the pocket book. We were saved a few dollars because they didn't have any stuffed salmon. Have you ever tried that from their meat dept? It is SO GOOD.

The olympics...hehehe, GO USA! Especially that men's Hockey team. Beating Canada was AWESOME! My favorite part of the game was when the one, two, yes THREE Canadian players piled up on each other - without any US interference. I think the Canadians censored any photos leaving the stadium because I can't find any photos of it, but luckily one guy got it on his smuggled camera phone. I don't know how to add a youtube video, so here is the link... THREE CANADIANS COLLIDE. Enjoy!


  1. those chops look good. Aimee always has the best recipes. I can't drink hot coffee any longer... so I bought the cold brew system (toddy) at Seattle's Best last year and have been loving coffee again, even hot. The cold brew system takes care of the acid. yay!

  2. That looks super tasty. Minus the Wasabi, though, because me and Mr. W do not agree.

    Also, we are getting a Costco down south. WOOT WOOT!

    Miss you.