26 February 2010

New York City

So, I won a trip to NYC from my husband. How? Well, I belted out the chorus of Veggie Tale's "The Bunny Song" over vent to his World of Warcraft guild. To some of you, that last sentence made no sense. It's okay - you are not really missing much. The point is, by me stepping out of my shell and doing this, he said we could go to NYC for a weekend, catch Wicked on Broadway and have a great time. But, a new house, bills, IRS, a pending trip to Vegas, and another road trip to Kansas, we decided to hold off on NYC. So. Stephanie, stop posting photos on your blog. You too, Kelly Purkey. BECAUSE IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. This weekend is going to be awesome - Tonight Loren and I are going out to dinner, then going to see a movie...and tomorrow I'm going to the Cheescake Factory for lunch, then seeing Legally Blonde: the Musical at the 5th with my mom and some friends. THEN, friends from California are going to arrive in the evening and staying for a few days!!!! YEA! Have a fabulous weekend!

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