08 March 2010

Until I really have time to blog about my ideals, you just get to hear about my actual life experiences the past couple of weeks. :D And it has been a great *BUSY* week+! Let's start with last Saturday and a girl's trip to Seattle for Legally Blonde: The Musical. Hilarious! Mom, Ami and I ate at the Cheesecake factory beforehand, where they accidentally made me a large pizza instead of a personal....whoops in MY favor! The musical was super funny and catchy. Aimee still had songs stuck in her head four days later. LOL. Then, our good friend Chris and kids drove for a couple of days to visit with us, family and see TREES, from the bleak, nasty desert of California. The kids had a great time with relatives that live in-town, and made us suet pine cones one day. Well, one was HUGE - a super, duper Eastern Washington 'cone. Maybe 24" long? Anyhow, at some point in the last few days it disappeared. FREAKING RACCOONS or POSSUMS. We were really hoping the birds would come and entertain the kitties *evil laugh*. Loren's youngest sister and her fiance took a mini-break and drove 16 hours from Miles City, Montana to visit for a couple of days. We did our best to give them a tour of what the Pacific Northwest had to offer...lots of seafood, Deception Pass, Fort Casey, a ferry ride where we saw dolphins and seals (I couldn't conjure up an orca, tho), a stop in Forks (hehe), an overnight stay in Kalaloch, wine, beer, wading into the ocean, a big cedar tree, ANOTHER ferry ride, Seattle, Pike Place, Flying Fish Co, Starbucks (first evah), Space Needle, fireworks, Sonic and Taco Bell. I guess there is no Sonic or TB in Miles City, so, we made sure it happened. A couple of my favorite photos:
The four of us at the Fort Casey Lighthouse Loren and Jacklynn goofing off with a cannon Jacklynn and Levi enjoying a dip in the 47 degree Pacific Ocean. Loren, Jacklynn and Levi at Deception Pass LOOK! The Space Needle! (my fave picture ever. for now.) The Keystone/Port Townsend Ferry
Levi got to catch his Salmon at the Market!
SOAP BOX TIME *please feel free to skip if you don't want to hear whining about something that I should have realized*
I like to press pennies for my friend Stephanie. Gives me a little something to send her to let her know that I'm thinking of her. And it is fun. Real fun. So, at Kalaloch Lodge, I press a perfect one -- and slip it into my wallet so I won't loose it. Fast forward a day or so, where we are now at the Space Needle. A little upper class, right? Minimum $35/person? Feel pretty safe with your stuff there, right? Wellllll, not too safe with yer fancy pennies, peeps. So, the dining room floor rotates, allowing for people to get a 360 degree view of Seattle as they dine. The walls and windows do not rotate, allowing for you to put a little memento on the sill, where you will be reunited with it in approximately 42 minutes when you've made your round. DO NOT PUT A PRESSED PENNY UP THERE. Some schmuck effing STOLE it. OMG, people - who takes stuff that doesn't belong to them? A.R.G.H.H.H.H.!!!! I basically said this in the restaurant, where Loren needed to remind me to use my indoor voice. I didn't care....it was one of THEM that stole it!


  1. sorry, i knew you'd put it there and I just couldn't resist. I'll mail it back. I promise... ;) (EVIL GRIN)