30 March 2010

Some scrapping, of course. :D

Right now I should be (1) folding laundry (2) balancing the checkbook (3) fixing a hideous scrap page I started.  Ugh.  Instead, I think I'll FB, watch some Modern Family and Blog.  :D 

Here is a layout of my SIL, Ami (isn't she cute?  From the DMB concert last summer at the Gorge), that I did for the Sunday challenge over at Studio Calico.  I hand stitched the floral line and then adhered the banner flags.  Oh, I take bad photos of LO's, so please look beyond the terrible position.

Then, I finished this fun layout for my friend Tracy.  At a crop she challenged me to cut out a shape on a LO and back it with a stitched pattern.  This is what I came up with...bubbles?, maybe?, fun cirlces, never-the-less.  I hope she likes it....

So, last night I had a few dinner idea fails, and then Loren reminded me that we had all the ingredients for Pioneer Woman's meatloaf.  Yes, people, I said meatloaf. *gag me with a wooden spoon*  I haven't eaten it since I was forced to at my mom's house growing up, and I would have been okay if it stayed that way.  So I begrudginly threw the hamburger into the bowl along with milk soaked bread, some spices, cheese...and at this point I'm thinking, gosh, my mom just put some 'burger, oats and ketchup....hmmmm, is this really meatloaf?  AND then as it is sitting on the pan in all it's 2 pound glory I layered some bacon on top (I know, right??????!!!) and then a brown sugar/ketchup glaze.  Um, people, if you have been burned by meatloaf in your previous life, give this recipe a try.  Really.  Oh, I just realized that it is a recipe for her cookbook only and not on her blog.  well then.  Sorry, not going to type it all out for you.  If you want it let me know and I'll copy it for you on the ol' machine.


  1. I like the flowers/banner on that 1st page!

    That meatloaf recipe sounds good.

  2. Cute layouts T... I can't wait for our date in April!

  3. So the meatloaf was good? I love her recipes but have not bought her cookbook yet, need to do that. Her apricot bars are the best. I am baking some today.
    love the layout! that aimee sure is pretty.

  4. I WANT her cookbook!!! I LOVE meatloaf, but I've only had recipes that cooked it up! No plain jane meatloaf for me.

    Loving the banner!