11 June 2010

ACK! El TRI!!!!

THE FIRST GAME!!!!  Because we didn't want to miss too much work, a few of us decided to come to work early (6:30am) to watch the South Africa vs. Mexico game.  We had our Red Bull, Via, Nos, fritters and ESPN3 playing on the projector.  Oh, and we stole the cushy chairs from 'reception' for our viewing pleasure.  We discussed renting some barca loungers for the month - How do you think that would go over??? LOL.  I really thought Mexico would dominate, and they disappointed....and already messed up my brackets by getting a draw against South Africa.  FIFA ranks?...17 and 83, respectively...who'd of thought?????  So, out of Mexico's disappointment came a GREAT South Africa showing, who actually even got the first goal!  The challenge now is to find a way to watch the Uruguay vs. France game at 11:30.  GO URUGUAY! 

CONFESSION: I really don't care who wins the World Cup, as long as it ISN'T those French or Italians. /evil grin

France: They no longer have Zinadine Zidane, who I think went out on a GREAT note by headbutting that italian.  Materazzi (or whatever his name is) deserved it.  Second, France has Theiry Henry - enough said (I think I'm Irish today)

Italy: Did you see World Cup 2006? 

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