10 June 2010


World Cup kicks off in just a few short hours, people!!!!  This is the only time in my life where I jump out off bed at the butt crack of dawn, or even earlier.  And why?  To see world class athletes play against their club teamates for their respective nations.  Bring on the Three Lions, Socceroos, Les Bleus, Oranje, Blue Samaris and my favorite THE YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow is South Africa (crazy Bafana Bafana) and Mexico, El Tri.  Unfortunately for the hosts, Mexico is going to win, which will make it the first time the host team lost the opening game...and most likely won't make it out of the first group.  Oh, well.  THE USA WILL!!!!!

My wild predictions - England will lose to Serbia and Brazil will take it all.  We'll see, my friends.  But even if it doesn't go down like I predict, it will still be a great time of watching some world class soccer. 

I'm off to bed now - I have to get up early early early to watch the opening festivities!!!

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