08 September 2010

Awesome product! and some other stuff.

Through my friend Stephanie I was introduced to the Good Fortune Soap Company and their faucet soap.  People!  Go out and get one for each of your showers and a backup!  I am using the apple/lavendar scent, and it is soooo nice!  It is fresh and clean, and not too fruity.  And really, how awesome is it that the soap is already IN the loofa?  And if you needed to, you could put the rest of your dove/caress/lava (to each their own, right? ;) ) in the loofa when the apple/lavendar bar is out.  But be sure to re-order from Good Fortune.

(stock photo from their site...I wish my faucets were that cool...they aren't.  Our guests can attest to our crappy plumbing. The only saving grace is a 75 gallon hot water tank. Niiiiiice.)

The best part about Good Fortune Soap Company?  You can use their soaps, lip balms, etc., LOVE them, and know that you are also supporting a company that makes outreach and community care a priority with their profits.  I think it is great to actually LIKE the product you are purchasing to support a good cause!  Check out their OUTREACH page.

That was the awesome product - now, other stuff.

I'm getting over my cold, and am stoked (yes, I wrote 'stoked') b/c I have 175 photos coming from shutterfly on Friday and I am going to spend my weekend scrapping!  I'm going to try to get some lo's done from the following challenges:

- Scrapjack of Maggie Holmes.  I know this is expired, but I love it!
- Pencil Lines Sketch 203.  I heart Pencil Lines and do not use their sketches nearly enough! 
- Dares - saw this on Steph's blog, and she is DARER 168, if you will - "scrap a soundtrack to a memory". 
- Good Grief Blog - My friend Jen Waters (if you go to her blog, um, look at all the loot she's recently won. i.n.s.a.n.e.!) is a DT member on this blog, and I have been following it since she joined.  Scrapping memories of my friend Colleen is going to be difficult, but I can't think of a better way to memorialize our memories.  I don't know if I'll actually get anything done, but I will get some great ideas on how to start.

So, that is it for now.  If there are any other good challenges out there this week/month, let me know!  :D


  1. glad you are starting to feel better! have fun scrapping all those photos!! got to go check out that soap.

  2. I was super impressed with Good Fortune, too. It's nice to buy products that from good companies. :) Good luck with the challenges! Sending (((hugs))) your way for the Good Grief LOs. I've been amazed at how therapeutic it's been for me.

  3. Thanks for the head's up on this product! What great gifts those loofah soap thingies would make!

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog home too! :)