05 September 2010

Three day weekend!

But I'm sick! :(  The desert air, combined with AC and a couple hours on an airplane, always gives me a sinus infection.  UGH!  Yesterday I got up at 2pm, took a shower and promptly went back to sleep until 5pm.  20ish hours of sleep. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.  I do feel better today, so hopefully I will get to enjoy tomorrow a lot more!

While lounging on the couch, I've been lucky to have endless supplies of soup and Gatorade, thanks to my sweet husband.  Also, he set me up with some Netflix, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It started out with watching "Son of Rambow".  Sounds like a cheesy spoof, right?  I was ready for some bad acting, bad lines and cheesy stunts.  Not really - turns out to be a sweet movie about friendship and the schenanigans of pre-teen boys.  I loved it and laughed quite a lot!  It is ticketed as a drama/comedy, as there is some serious situations the boys have in their home life to get through. 

Next on the movie ticket was "The Cove".  This documentary highlights the slaughter of dolphins in a small Japanese town - I'm not an activist, and began watching this with a jaded eye.  I eat meat, and I realize where it comes from.  And frankly, some animals are more charismatic and it is harder to believe someone would eat them (ie dolphin vs salmon).  I couldn't imagine sitting down to a plate of sashimi dolphin, but I wasn't raised with it either, so I was determined to not pass judgement.  This said, I am a strong believer in sustainability and the humane treatment of animals.  It comes down to 23,000 dolphins killed in a season, yet....dolphin meat is not available on the market.  Dolphins are swimming toxic dumps, with about 2000ppm mercury in their meat - the legal limit is somewhere around .4ppm.  After eating enough, one will get mercury poisining.  It is believed that the dolphin meat is sold in stores as whale, or other similar meats.  Further, the dolphins are killed very inhumanely, a similar style to a whale hunt.  It.is.horrific.  If you have time and inclination, watch the film, or go to the Oceanic Preservation Society for more information.

Last on the lazy TV watching was Arrested Development.  Who wouldn't like a show where the son has been named George-Michael?  LOL.  I catch bits and parts while flipping through the channels, so it is nice to sit through consecutive episodes.  "I know she's a brownish area. With points.".  :)

The rest of the weekend is going to be filled with more TV, maybe some baking, and not nearly enough yard work. Oh, well.  There is only so much Sudafed one should be taking!

Enjoy your labor day weekend, peeps!

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