05 September 2010

What happened in Vegas....

...really, really, really will stay in Vegas, right peeps?  ;)  Loren and I just got back from a six-day trip to Vegas with some friends.  It was sooooooooooooo fun!  Truly, the only place that can take your money and you feel positive about it.  The PG highlights include:

Open beverages
60 oz Mojitos
Texas de Brasil
My first limo ride
Wheel of Fortune penny slots
Glitter Gulch
Bellagio fountain show
Oleksandra spa
Water boy turf wars

We stayed at TI (Treasure Island), which sucked. We will never stay there again.  It started with a 45 minute check-in where we were told our 'reservations' were mereley 'requests' and that our 'requested' rooms were not available.  WTF?  The final room was not a king view room, but rather a double with a closet view of the freeway.  Further, the room had crappy AC, no fan in the bathroom, bad TV, no fridge, lukewarm water, burnt out lightbulbs and stained linens.  Yuck.  We thought about switching hotels...but decided it would have been a greater hassle.  Probably.  :D It was good to get home to my king bed and 800 thread count cotton sheets, I tell you what!

One bonus of TI?  The Margarita bar just outside of the side doors.  Mmmmm.

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  1. SIX days in Vegas?? I don't know how you did it ... think 3-4 days is my max there. :) Glad you had fun!