31 January 2011

Happy Monday!

It was a great weekend - even with the rain.  I usually don't mind it, but I do get quite annoyed with the mist-like rain that just seems to be everywhere.  And I suppose only us Northwesterners even know what I'm talking about.

I finished watching season two of True Blood.  I thought the season opener was terrible, but stuck it through the next episode, and got back into it.  It throws me off sometimes, as it tangents off quite a bit from the books, but I am learning to enjoy it for what it is.  Loren watched this season with me - I think mainly to hear how many times Bill blurts out with "Sooookhay....NO!". 

Last night I made red velvet cupcakes.  YUM!  I made them correctly this time, as to avoid a dry cake (the lack of champagne while prepping probably helped).  The dry goods and directions were part of a Sprinkles mix that I got from Ms. Jen Waters as a house warming gift.  I can see why this was a special treat back 'in the day'.  I can't imagine mixing butter by hand until fluffy, nor mixing each ingredient in slowly, and for mintutes at each step.  It was enough doing it with my Kitchenaid!  They came with these cute little button tops, and turned out like the ones below with the red button top.  Loren would like me to say that he decorated them with the sprinkle.  :D

Photo courtesy of sprinkles.com...I was too lazy to take photos. 
Maybe tonight?  or....maybe not.


  1. Yeah ... glad they turned out. :)

  2. There once was a sweety little pixie and she was a scrapper. Then she had a baby, and now she blogs no more?