28 January 2011


Happy Friday!  I've had a GREAT morning.  Why?

- Actually got sleep last night.  I have a cold that has been kicking my butt, but last night it gave me a break!
- Loren and I had a great commute to work this morning. 
- I HAVE CAFFIENE.  Peppermint Mocha.
- I have some petite vanilla bean scones to nosh on this morning.  Thank you Starbucks.
- I am listening to She and Him.
- My sister-in-law has photographic proof that my nephew is THE Tony Stark.  I know, right???
- And tonight I am going with a friend to get a pedicure. 
- This weekend I'm going to use my new Adobe Suite CS5 for some photo editing, and get my scrapping back into shape! 
- ....which will be after some FUN shopping and eating of tasty almond tarts and pastries with wild abandon at the Lynden Dutch Bakery with my SIL. 

Due to the caffiene, I'm trying hard to concentrate on my tasks today.  And not go to cuteoverload or canihavecheezburger or damnyouautocorrect.


  1. glad you got some rest! enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hooray for great mornings! I love this list...especially the parts dealing with coffee and/or Starbucks. :)