15 November 2012

Clinically Clean Finger Painting

Aurora is taking a sick day today.  Poor little girl has a 102 temp (with baby Tylenol) and some icky congestion.  The doctor prescribed some penicillin and hopefully she will be on the mend after a day or so. 

As our week is taking a pause from normality, I thought I'd post about a better afternoon, when everyone was feeling great. 


Aurora is getting to the age where she is starting to like colors and marking things - pens, crayons...really, whatever we let her have.  A random thought ran across my brain that she would like finger painting, but what a mess.  I just can't get behind that idea with a toddler.  I then ran across an older blog post by Kayla Aimee, where she has her little girl finger paint in a zip lock bag. Genius, right?  I thought so too!  So, I followed her instructions, and got Aurora all set up.  She was completely into trying to open the zip lock {dear Lord, thank you for washi tape}, but wasn't too sure about the actual paint.  She finally gave up trying to open the bag and did some poking around, a few slaps and voila!, art!


  1. How sweet!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee that idea and her pages look AWESOME!!!!

  2. Good Job MOM!!! Looks like she picked up your creative side :D Cute baby

  3. Love it :) She's so cute. Hope she feels better soon!

  4. Your daughter is so adorable! Look at those cheeks!