10 January 2013

Here in Anaheim...for CHA!

It is almost time for some CHA action! Yikes!  It is my first time here, and I am trying to be cool about it.  You know, "OHMYGODTHEREISHEIDISWAPP!" oh there is Heidi Swapp.  NO BIG DEAL.  "nice to meet you".  I'll let you all know how I'm able to keep it together.  Like a drunk spotting banana runts in a vending machine.

I saw that Sherry Grove may or may not have been scrapping tonight, getting her mojo started for the weekend. Pretty awesome, right?  It is going to be a fantastic sight at 10am Saturday! 

The internet it horrible here at the hotel, so we are going to try and find a way to get better connection and upload some of the great things we are seeing!  Until then, may you never run out of washi.

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