05 November 2012


Welcome to a beautiful Monday.  Seriously.  The sun is shining, the leaves are falling and Starbucks has salted caramel lattes {and peppermint mochas and caramel brulee}. ;)

- This is an amazing 'art' project my husband linked over today. Check out the wind patterns on this Wind Map.

- Gangnam Style.  Get current, friends {read: AIMEE}, because Psy is awesome, and this song is just too fun.

- I talked to a mom who spent yesterday afternoon pulling a red wagon around the neighborhood so her daughter and friend could collect food for the families effected by Hurricane Sandy.  Children have amazing and giving hearts if we let them.  If we support them.  If we show them by example.  I can only hope Aurora is as thoughtful. {not sure how to actually get the food TO the NE; lol}

- Only four days to a long scrapbook weekend with 23 other fantastic ladies.  This weekend cannot come fast enough!  yea!

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  1. How wonderful about those kids collecting food for the victims of Sandy! Just AWESOME!!!