06 November 2012

Burlap Wreath

A beautiful, local, boutique had a class in September to make a burlap wreath.  The class at Grandiflora sold out in five minutes, so I didn't take the class.  However, I'm {Fairly} crafty, and figured I could easily replicate it. 

Here is the beautiful wreath they made for the class:

see it online on the Grandiflora blog

Going on the photo, I went for it. 

Supply list:
1 Roll of burlap (6" wide)
1 Foam core
straight pins
colored burlap for flowers

With my SIL's help, we found the rolls of burlap at Joann and Michaels.  Michaels was considerably cheaper, and with the 40% off coupon the price was really good.  We cleared the shelves at both places {Hey! I was making five of them!}.  We could have purchased burlap by the yard, but it takes a little more work as the edges aren't bound.  If you aren't worried about the finished look, yardage may work well.

Foam cores were a bit more difficult.  None at our Joann store, with some at Michaels.  We ended up with some 16" wreaths, but would have liked larger ones.  Next time I'll probably go to the hardware store and cut some length of foam insulation - then duct tape it.  That way it can be any size.

Straight pins were in my stash.  I used pins with larger heads, as the weave of the burlap was a little larger and I didn't want them to go through the burlap.

Colored burlap was nowhere to be found in Whatcom/Skagit county, so I went online and got some at this Esty shop.  The price was reasonable, and her shipping quite fast.  {Note; the dark brown was more like dark green.  It was okay, but brown was really what I wanted.}

So, supplies gathered, I sat down while Aurora was napping, Loren was gaming, and put together some wreaths!  Here is one of the wreaths that I kept for myself {I gave the others away} 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh yours is GORGEOUS!!!! I loveeeeeeee this!!!!

  2. She made some with red 'flowers' that were great as well.

  3. So - i'm sort of a wreath snob...and I never find ones i like - I LOVE THIS!!!

    Great job!!